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50/50 half good half bad
Well well well.... I'm back. My course is going well and I have contracted a cold somehow.. Don't worry its not swine flu or any of that bullshit everyone is talking about. Lately I've been developing interest in Paganism, I'd like to read up more about it. It intrigues me. I've been observing natures finest achievements such as the creek near my home, where there is nothing but trees and birds tweeking. I really enjoy it. I often like to sit down by myself and just think about everything with nature on my side. It really helps block out the insanity and madness that is provoked within to go on a rampage.

This cold is extremely pissing me off. My throat and head is fine but my nose blocked and its fucking me off. It unblocks then blocks up again.. Fucking hell, I need some vicks or some shit. As matter of fact I might just go get some soon.

Didnt get to see my little girl on the weekend.. I didnt want to infect her with whatever I have. Probs wont see her for the rest of the week if this shit keeps up. Ive been invited to several birthdays this weekend but dont know if I can be fucked, its always the same shit. Got to enigma, get drunk and go home.. Complete waste of money and lifetime.

I was informed that my mates ex girlfriend(of whom they want each other back) is coming back from Croatia this week, so that should be a treat as my girlfriend gets along really well with her. So we might all head out to the Port markets this Sunday. AND!!!! I'm finally getting a fucking car this Thursday.. Nice Ford Falcon 98 model on gas. Well I'm heading off now to carryon with myspace and facebook business.. Adios


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