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Cours of Death
Well.... I'm in my course bored as shit because the part of the assessment that I'm up to is exceedingly fucking hard.... Some guy sitting in fron of me has a leather jacket and when he moves it makes an irritating sound, its pissing me off. I feel like smashing him. Was meant to get a car today but yet again it fell through as I thought it would. Claire wants me to pick her up from some birthday thing shes attending tonight but if I dont have a car how can I???? Exactly, ask her. If I cant pick her up she somehow gets angry at me and accuses me of not caring. So fucking childish and stupid. People keep telling her that our daughter takes after her, hahahaha I dont think so. I can see a lot of me in her. Every person that sees my daughter that I'm related to or friends with they always say how much she looks and acts like me.

Well, I'm going to head off now and make myself look a little busy then meet my mate for lunch.... See you all later


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