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The one "They" fear....
I had a good weekend just gone. Got absolutely hammered and made everyone hide with fear. I have visions of Saturday night that I fell down and was getting violent with some people. hahaha good. I'm happy to hear that. Seems to me everytime me and/or my good mate Bender get drunk everyone gets trembled with fear and cant stand it. Fuck 'em, they're all soft. We're the ones that do the shit that they're all too scared to do. Everytime we get drunk, we get fucking drunk, where everyone else is all "nah I better stop drinking, I've had to much" or "my girlfriend thinks I should stop". Fuck that shit.

Another thing is I will tell my mrs what I'm doing, but wether she likes it or not is too bad. I answer to no one. She got angry because I made a last minute split decision to head out Saturday night (I originally had plans to stay with her and our daughter but she said she didnt want me to).. 
"Hate Them" is an expression I like to use frequently. It has helped me through some really tough times in life. It was an appropriate time to use this expression on Saturday night.... The expression comes from the album "Hate Them" by the band Darkthrone, of whom I discovered in late 2003 still in school. Fenriz(the man who creates most of the music and all the lyrics) is a great man who does'nt take bullshit from society and has a great attitude on life. He spends 150 days a year camping in the Norweigan forests all alone with no phone or civillization near him. That is Truly a remarkable thing to experience. I would love to do it. He even hunts his own food.. Fuck I'm lonely with no one to talk to hahaha.........


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