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I worship those of the Dead....
Fuck.. Its been a while. A lot has happened and I cant say its for the better. My ex has just announced to me shes seeing someone else and this skewers my heart. A pain unimaginable. My little girl will now have some other fag in her life while I'm left with literally nothing. I worship the Dead. I want to Rest In Peace. Fuck everything. Fuck it all.... Whats the point?? The pain is unbearable.

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You are her dad. You should always have a part in your life. People don't have to be together to be great parents. As long as she is loved that is what counts.
I hope you guys have an agreement so you can see her at least every other weekend. It's your right!

I didn't see this post two weeks ago Joe. Hope things have improved.

Thank you Jackie.. I appreciate the good words and value your friendship. You are great person. Good-looking, smart, vibrant and a good mother. Cheers x

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